Multi-talented Anne Lattimore started drawing at five. At six, she drew intricately detailed ships. Her professional career began in 1967 at Augusta College when she walked by a painting class in progress and thought that looked like something she'd like to try.  After only six months of painting, she sold her first painting to Charles Fraser and a watercolor to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gerhard, who owned an impressive collection of old master art including paintings by Zurbaran and Nicolas Poussin, etchings by Piranesi, and works by contemporary SC artist Walter Greer. Mr. Gerhard's uncle took watercolor lessons from Monet. Mrs. Gerhard's father was painted by Sargeant.

A few of her early gallery affiliations were Shore Gallery, Haley and Steele in Boston, Frances Aronson in Atlanta, Arthur Ackerman in NY, Venable Neslage in Washington, DC and Atelier Seven in Paris France.

Other venues include Hermes Palm Beach and Lodsworth Polo Shop -  Petworth, England.

Her work was also displayed through the Art in Embassies Program in Singapore and Barbados.

Her work appeared in the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan and can be found in collections around the world, including the US State Department.  Owners of her work include the last August Belmont, John  Franks and Lucy and Harry Cram.

Dr. Donald E Baxter of Houston commissioned 40 sports paintings for Mercer University in Macon, GA in 2001

Anne's fifty-three years as a master artist is represented by equine art, still life, landscapes, portraits, and sports art.

Mediums include oil, acrylic, casein, painted silk, silver casting and fabrication, etching,  watercolor and pastel.

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