Archaeology - Anne

William F Stiles from The Museum of the   American Indian ,Heye Foundation  stayed with us while  my parents were excavating a clay mound near Brown's landing.  Be sure to check out the photo taken by William  Stiles of my mother working in  the trench.    I wanted to know when they were going to find the gold .  What  did I know at thirteen.   There seemed to be lots of archaeologists  staying with us or stopping by to check on my parents latest location of  any newly discovered  mounds including Clemons de Bailou ,   Dr A. R . Kelly , Rebeka Burgess.  and Dave Phelps.      

It's amazing how my parents could get a major museum to send William F Stiles to see  the site they were excavating .  In a letter written by the noted archaeologist Dr. A.R. Kelley he  writes " It's a curious coincidence that my friendship with doctors and all surgeons at that , has been critical to serious work in different parts of Georgia during the past 25 years. 


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